Case Studies


Grupo Financiero Galicia S.A. is a financial services holding company organized under the laws of Argentina. Grupo Galicia owns 100% of the outstanding shares of Banco Galicia, which is its most significant asset.

Our Challenge

Our client prepares its financial statements and annual reports in Spanish that are issued on a quarterly basis to be submitted to the CNV (National Securities Commission) and, since this holding company lists its shares publicly, also to the SEC (Securities Exchange Commission) in the USA.

Our client was looking for a supplier who could manage and deliver fast, consistent, accurate and cost-effective translation support aligned to the specific financial industry terminology, and also important, to the fact that these financial statements and annual reports shall be submitted in English to the CNV within the following 5-business days after the original financial statements in Spanish have been made published and financial information was made known to the investors.

The Result

Our client has been successful in meeting CNV's deadline as well as SEC's requirements in due time and form for the last 15 years. Furthermore, throughout these years, MF Traducciones has also translated related financial information and reports such as prospects for the issuance of Notes, the F-20 form, among others.

The process has been supported by quarterly process review meetings to make sure that our services are fully aligned and focused on meeting current requirements of the client. In turn, we updated our Translation Memory as the client adds new financial information and terms.

The client also benefits from consistency and uniformity in the translations with respect to the financial terminology thanks to the fact that MF Traducciones uses a Translation Memory software.

Translation Support for Financial Services

Our financial linguistic teams, combined with our technology, ensure that whether our clients are producing market outlook reports, factsheets, annual reports, or communicating with shareholders, they can be confident of producing engaging content with the right tone-of-voice, style and terminology.