From press releases and news articles to Multimedia specifications and digital content, MF Traducciones understands the media industry. We have extensive experience working with top media organizations and understand the need for fast and accurate translations.

Having worked with multinational companies and daily newspapers, MF Traducciones is organized to serve the particular needs of this industry. In particular, we are organized to provide last minute changes and a quick turnaround on time-sensitive projects.

MF Traducciones has the expertise to help your company in Product and Content Globalization.

The following are some of the documents we typically translate related to media:

  • Books Releases

  • Press Releases

  • Digital Content

  • Multimedia Presentations

  • Customer Letters and Invoice

  • Brochures and other marketing materials

  • Full Press Kits

  • News Articles

  • TV and Radio Reports

  • Corporate communications