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Translation Services

What types of media do you support and deliver?

Hard-Copy: books, leaflets, brochures or any other type of paper-based documents.

Soft-Copy: all major formats supported including, MS Office, Trados, QuarkXPress, Adobe PageMaker, Photoshop, Corel, Dreamweaver, etc.

How much do you charge for your services?

The price of every project depends on four factors:

1 - Language combination.

2 - Urgency.

3 - Number of words in the destination language document.

4 - The type of project (technical, legal, financial, etc).

How can I send my documents to you?

Use our "instant quote" form to upload your documents for translation. You can also send your documents as an attachment to us by e-mail. Where possible, please upload original editable file formats: doc, rtf, txt, pdf, xls, ppt, html, htm.

What is a Certified Translation?

Legal or certified translations differ from private ones in that the former are made by Certified Translators, who, with their signature, certify that it is a true translation, assuming legal and even criminal responsibility for their work. Certified Translators have a University degree, and they specialize in legal and commercial subjects.

When is a Certified Translator required?

When filing a public document before any Authority requiring it.

What are public documents??

Any document legally certifying something. For example: personal documents (certificates and entries of the Registry of Civil Status, passports, diplomas), deeds, wills, agreements, commercial papers, orders and decrees, powers of attorney, analytical certificates, certain technical documents and studies, patents.

When is it necessary to legalize a Certified Translation?

In order for a public document to be valid in the country it must comply with a series of pertinent legalizations. As a last step, the document should bear the legalization of the foreign embassy in the country of origin (in this case it must be filed with the Foreign Office), or, if the foreign country has signed the Hague Convention, the Apostille.

Does MF Traducciones protect the confidentiality of the information that is translated or interpreted?

All interpretation and translation services from MF Traducciones are maintained in the strictest confidence. Whether it is sensitive legal or medical information, MF Traducciones adheres to the industry's leading organization's standards and respects the confidentiality of all communication.

Interpreting Services

What kind of information do I need to provide you?

Any specific terminology / abbreviations that will be used during your event.

How many people will attend your event.

The starting time and the expected duration of your event (do you require interpreting services for the whole event of just for a limited number of slots?).

Level of interactivity (do you require interpretation for your audience participation?).

Please note that, due to the highly demanding nature of simultaneous interpreting in large events, a minimum of two interpreters per language combination shall be used.

How do you charge for your services?

For simultaneous interpreting we charge a daily rate, irrespective of the subject of setting. For consecutive interpreting, we charge on a per-hour basis and we break down our services into "general" and "technical" interpreting.