MF Traducciones has many years of experience for the demanding projects generated by companies in the insurance and reinsurance markets.

This is due to the fact that many of our in-house translators have been employed at some point in their career in different re/insurance branches or have a proven track record in translating or proofreading re/insurance-related subjects.

For re/insurance-related texts, MF Traducciones' translators have direct work experience in the insurance and reinsurance markets. We believe that this work practice provides our clients with an added value and accurate translations backed by insider knowledge of the terminology of such specialist fields of activity.

The following are some of the documents we typically translate related to insurance and reinsurance:

  • Insurance Policies / Forms

  • Insurance Regulations/p>

  • Reinsurance Research Studies

  • Reinsurance Treaties

  • Casualty Loss Reports

  • Claims Adjustment Reports

  • Professional Indemnity Reports

  • Statistical (Actuarial) Research Studies

  • Marine Loss Reports

  • Assessment Reports