Solutions in + 30 Languages

is a global provider of multilingual content solutions, offering a broad array of linguistic services internationally to businesses, institutions, non-profits and individuals.

We are a medium-sized company that is small enough to be agile and adaptable, yet big enough to handle projects of any size.

Since our founding in 1996, our guiding principles have been simple: a dedication to quality, a firm belief in professional ethics, and a client-centered engagement with each and every project.

Unlike so many companies, we are not faceless. It is nice to see who you are talking to and maybe know a little bit more about them.

Founding Partners

Florencia Troilo

Operations Director

Certified English Translator (Universidad del Salvador, Buenos Aires). Registered with the CTPCBA. Before launching MF Traducciones, she worked for international insurance and reinsurance brokers like Marsh McLennan, Guy Carpenter, and reinsurance companies such as Gerling Global. Please read complete CV at LinkedIn profile (Click here)

Martín P. Larrañaga

Commercial Director

Electronic Engineer (Universidad Nacional Tecnológica of Buenos Aires), Post-Graduate Degree in Finance (Universidad del CEMA). Before launching MF Traducciones, he worked for ERICSSON as commercial manager for Impsat. Founding partner of FX-Engine: an asset management company.

Key Staff

Esteban Biagioni

Project Manager

Degree in Business Administration (UNICEN).

He worked at ASSA as IT consultant for Johnson & Johnson for EMEA and "The Gone App" Startup in the logistics area.

Celina Rojo

Administration Manager

Accountant (UNICEN). Language and Literature Teacher.

She is in charge of our administration system and of our billing and payments department.

Stefania Troilo

HR Manager

Degree in Human Resources (USAL)

She worked at Marval, O'Farrell & Mairal as manager of the Human Resources department and at ManPower in charge of personnel recruitment.

Julieta Burón

Desktop Publisher

Graphic Designer (UBA).

She has specialized in Strategic Design Management and Image Development. She is in charge of our Desktop Publishing Department and works hand-in-hand with translators, editors and proofreaders.


Claudia M.

Simultaneous Interpreter – English <> Spanish (active). Technical and Scientific Translator – English <>Spanish (active) and German into Spanish. Member of AATI: Argentine Association of Translators and Interpreters.

Claudia T.

Simultaneous Interpreter and Certified English Translator, Honor diploma (USAL), 35 year-experience in Argentina and abroad. Post-graduate certificate in Translation, City University, London. Areas of Specialization: medicine and veterinary.

Graciela M.

Simultaneous Interpreter – English into Italian (active). Certified Translator English <>Italian. She got her degree at the Universidad de Buenos Aires. Certified member of American Translator's Association.

Agustina A.

Simultaneous Interpreter – English <> Spanish. She got a degree in Interpreting Conferences in English (USAL). Member of AATI: Argentine Association of Translators and Interpreters.

Translators - Americas

Honora C.


Certified English Translator and Scientific-Literary English Translator by Universidad del Salvador, Buenos Aires. Member of CTPCBA and certified member of ATA – American Translators Association (USA).

Mariana N.

Certified English <>Spanish Translator

Registered with the CTPCBA. Certified English Translator (Universidad Católica Argentina). She specializes in translating legal and financial documents.

Yanina G. R.

Certified English <> Spanish Translator (UBA)

Registered with the CTPCBA. She also got the degree of lawyer and she specializes in legal and IP translations.

Alejandra D.

Certified English <>Spanish Translator (USAL)

She specializes in translating technical documents (User and technical manuals, description of new technologies)

Gabriela M.

Certified English <> Spanish Translator

Registered with the CTPCBA, she has broad experience in IP and legal translations.

Cintia M. L.

Certified English <> Spanish Translator

She got the degree at the Universidad Nacional de La Plata and specializes in medical and technical translations.

Jaime O.

English <> Spanish Translator (MX)

He has over ten year-experience in the areas of medicine, human resources, construction and marketing.

Katia R.E.

English <> Portuguese Translator.

She got her degree at USC, São Paulo and also has a degree in Law at ITE, Bauru, São Paulo. She specializes in legal translations, contracts and financial statements.

Matheus T.

English <> Portuguese Translator.

Member of ATA (American Translators Association). He specializes in IT (including hardware, software, the Internet and social networks).

Ana C.

Certified Spanish <> Portuguese Translator (UBA)

She has broad experience in legal, business, marketing and literary translations.

Sandra Grecia L.

Certified English <> Spanish Translator

B.A. in Literary, Technical and Scientific Translation and degree in legal translation. + 15 year-experience in translation of contracts and agreements, biddings, by-laws, power of attorney.

Translators - Europe

Ruth G.

Spanish < UK English Translator and Proofreader.

Level 7 Diploma in Translation. Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists. Career Affiliate Member of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting.

Agnieszka G.

English <> Polish Translator and Interpreter.

Member of the ITI (Institute of Translation and Interpreting). Master's Degree in Translation and Interpreting at University of Westminster

Alessandro M.

English <> Italian Interpreter and Translator.

Master's Degree in Interpreting and Translation at UNINT - Universita degli studi internazionali di Roma.

Lany C.

English <> French (Canada).

BA in Translation, University of Montreal. More than ten-year experience in gaming, marketing and software.

Ana Belen C.

English <> Spanish Translator

BA Degree in Translation and Interpretation. Universidad de Granada (2006-2010). Master's Degree in Translation of software and new technologies and multimedia products (2010-2012).

Pieter B.

English <> Dutch Translator/p>

Over 8-year experience in translating in the following areas of specialization: automotive, legal, IT, electronics and financial.

Eduardo C.

English <> Portuguese (Portugal).

Member of ATA and APT. Over 14-year experience in IT and gaming.

Mayeul D.

English <> French (France)

Master's Degree in Translations Studies at the Paul-Valery Montpellier University, Montpellier (France) 2016. He specializes in gaming.

Translators - Asia

Lena S.

English <> Korean Translator.

Six-year experience in the following fields of expertise: travel and tourism, marketing, IT and legal.

Hayato S.

English <> Japanese Translator.

Nineteen years of experience in translating software documents.

Alex L.

English <> Chinese (Simplified and Traditional)

Over eight-year experience in translating electronics, software and aviation.

Virginia C.

English <> Chinese Translator

Member of ATA (American Association of Translators). Eight-year experience in translating legal and financial documents.

Harishankar S.

English <> Hindi Translator.

Over seven-year experience in translations of economy, engineering and politics.

Einass H.

English <> Egyptian Translator.

Member of EGYTA. She specializes in the translation of legal contracts and certificates.

Ali Y.

English <> Turkish Translator.

Thirteen-year experience in translating electronics, history, finance and telecommunications.

Erich E.

English <> Indonesian Translator.

Member of Himpunan Penerjemah Indonesia and (ITA). He specializes in the translation of legal documents, software and video-games.