Casos de éxito

QBE Insurance Inc

QBE Insurance Group is one of the world's top 20 general insurance and reinsurance companies, with operations in all key insurance markets. QBE is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange and is headquartered in Sydney. The Group employs more than 14,500 people in 37 countries.

Our Challenge

This client's need consisted in translating all communications issued in English by the Group's CEO into Spanish and Portuguese. This company also required to translate communications and/or newsletters prepared by the HR Division in English and issued by the Head Office in Australia to be distributed among the different Divisions and Departments in Argentina and Latin America.

With this client, the key aspects to be taken into account were turnaround times and strict confidentiality. The communications and newsletters in English had to be informed at the same time that same newsletters were made known in Spanish and Portuguese, and this had to be done as soon as possible since the Head Office's CEO is headquartered in Australia. Therefore, MF Traducciones had to be very cautious in regard to the strict confidentiality of the information was given to us and, at the same time, we had to meet very tight deadlines agreed with our client so that same information can be made known simultaneously in all offices.

Furthermore, MF Traducciones created an exclusive Translation Memory for QBE which broadly benefited this client with regard to the consistency and uniformity of terms in the translated documents.

MF Traducciones además fue creando una memoria de traducción exclusiva para QBE que lo benefició ampliamente respecto de la consistencia y uniformidad de los textos traducidos.

The Result

Our client succeeded in releasing the CEO's communications simultaneously throughout the different company's subsidiaries.

In addition, MF Traducciones also provides translation services to other QBE's divisions abroad, in e-learning areas, among others.

Today, QBE is one of our main clients and MF Traducciones currently provides linguistic solutions to the Group's several divisions and departments.