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Red Bull GmbH

Red Bull is an energy drink sold by the Austrian company Red Bull GmbH, created in 1987. Red Bull has the highest market share of any energy drink in the world.

The company' sales volume has increased from 113 million units in 1994 up to over 5,900 million units in 2015 in the whole world. Based on these impressive figures, this trademark has become the leading and well-known brand in the energy drink market. This growth is also shown in America where over 1,700 million units were sold in 2007 and over 2,700 million units with the "RED BULL" trademark in 2015 only in America.

Our Challenge

Due to Red Bull´s leading position and its trademark value, this Company usually faces legal actions with regard to its famous trademark (IP, oppositions to granting of registrations and/or applications for registrations of trademarks, legal writings, filings of applications, among others). In 2009, Red Bull GmbH get in touch with MF Traducciones with the following need and challenge for us: many legal actions from several courts in Latin America countries written in Spanish were brought against this company (Puerto Rico, Mexico, Ecuador, and Chile, among others) and Portuguese (Brazil).

MF Traducciones' challenge was to translate these legal actions originally written in Spanish that were brought against this company in all Latin America countries into English. These legal filings and actions usually have localisms and idioms and expressions only written and spoken in each country and in some cases, the company had to file the legal action with very tight deadlines. Hence, MF Traducciones was required to meet these tight deadlines and therefore, we had to offer our client an urgent solution, thus working, if necessary, on weekends.

In addition, this client also required MF Traducciones' DTP services, since all these documents were scanned versions in PDF format and needed to be converted into Word format for translation purposes.

The Result

Since 2009, MF Traducciones is Red Bull GmbH's linguistic solution provider not only from Spanish into English languages, but also this company sends us documents in German and Portuguese to be translated into English.

In order to achieve this goal, MF Traducciones organized a team of sworn translators, (many of them also lawyers) proofreaders and reviewers, who not only checked the English translation but also reviewed that linguists have properly translated localisms and legal terms which are specific to each country where the document was prepared.

Furthermore, after the translation and proofreading processes, MF Traducciones' DTP team works on the translated document inserting images and logos in order to deliver the translation exactly the same as the original document.

Finally, MF Traducciones was able to meet our client's needs to translate all its legal actions filed in Latin America countries into English.