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Wunderman Cato Johnson Argentina

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The Challenge

Gaming is an increasingly agile industry, with gamers not wanting to wait until the next big release for games to be updated and bugs to be fixed.

In addition, this client's needs were to have the newsletters with updates or new game launches translated into 40 languages aimed at several markets (Asia Pacific, Latin America, Europe, among others), and the company also requested these translations were made quite urgently.

It is worth noting that any issues within a game can lead to player dissatisfaction, so clear, helpful instructions and updates in the player's own language are vital.

A slick, agile solution that could deliver excellent quality was a must.

The Result

To translate the 40 languages required by the client, MF Traducciones needed to allocate a pool of 35 separate linguists managed by an experienced PM supported by the best IT tools.

To maintain consistency and translation quality across these 35 linguists, reference and glossary material were provided to all translators, as well as style guides so that tone and style were the appropriate ones to be used by all of them.

Recruitment and assignment of our linguistic resources for this project was a key issue in order to achieve MF Traducciones' success. MF Traducciones made it a key requirement to assign only game-loving translators to the project, in order to heighten quality and enhance the player experience. This gaming expertise, not to mention a genuine affection for their subject, gave the linguists a thorough understanding of the tension, humour and dialogue at the heart of any good video game.

The client finally achieved its purpose to advertise the newsletters with updates and/or game launches to the several markets, all at the same time and with the quality this company was looking for. Translation turnaround times were also improved by MF Traducciones since we modified some processes and communication among our translators' team in order to address the different time zones of translators who live and work in their respective native countries.

Wunderman's testimonial about MF Traducciones:

"Trabajar con MF Traducciones nos permite focalizarnos en nuestra actividad principal y poder llegar a todos los mercados al mismo tiempo sin tener que preocuparnos por el hecho de que las traducciones sean las adecuadas en cada uno de los idiomas. Tenerlo a MF Traducciones como nuestro partner en esta área es clave para que todo el material se traduzca de manera consistente y uniforme cumpliendo además, con el breve plazo que tenemos para hacer nuestras publicaciones."

Santiago Del Bono (Wunderman Production)

Buenos Aires Operations Lead, Marketing Services
Marketing IT / GMO Argentina