Text Localization

provide specialist website localization services. Many people see localization as simply providing an exact translation of the website content. It is simply not as straightforward as that.

Our localization experts will examine your existing website (if you have one) and identify those areas which need localizing. Of particular interest are:

Graphical elements - some graphical elements on a website may have language-specific content. We can assist in getting this changed.

Currencies - do your products need to show local currency conversions?

Form feedbacks - some of your clients will want to communicate with you in their own language. Likewise, you will need to respond in their language. We can make this happen seamlessly.

Alert messages - feedback forms usually have alert messages to tell you if you have provided insufficient or incorrect information. We will identify these alert messages and provide foreign language equivalents.

Search engine optimization - a very important area if you want your website to be noticed in foreign language search engines. Our experts will suggest foreign language alternatives to the key phrases you are targeting and will also check your page to see that it is correctly configured to identify the language and character set in use.

localizers work closely with our clients to ensure an accurate, speedy and tailored delivery.